Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's try this again, shall we?

It's hard to believe that this blog is now five-and-a-half years old. It probably wouldn't be such a shock if there'd actually been some content on it in forever, mind you. Indeed it's been nearly two years (again) since the last post, and I ran out of the will to keep using W.A.S.P. song titles and Guns N' Roses lyric quotes a long time ago.

The reason for the resurrection of Shoot All The Clowns (which is still something I aspire to maintain, even if I don't actually do it) last time was my then-new "thing", which was guest-writing for the video games section of The Digital Fix. Since then I've dropped by there twice more with guest game reviews, both also for 'Resident Evil' titles on Xbox 360 (in case you're interested, those were Code Veronica X and Revelations), but the reason to again, perhaps vainly, try to have some kind of central place for all my writings to come together is that since September 2013 I've been one of (although the other guy doesn't contribute all that often) the official Fulham FC "fan" writers for TeamTalk, the sports team-centric website run by Sky Sports, the latest lengthy instalment of which is here.

It's a simple premise, every time Fulham plays a game or does something else significant like over-pay a new player or sack a manager, I write an article about it. To coincide with this new outlet, because Christ knows I needed more writing to do, the team happily obliged my need for material by being utterly dreadful. I've had no end of things to talk about. Thanks guys. Want to share some wages?

There'll be another one of those by the end of the week. Elsewhere my first two album reviews of 2014 are now up (No Sinner and Leaf Hound), and later today I interview the rather legendary former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg about his new band MoonKings. With any luck I'll say a little something about how that went on here. That'd be a novelty.