Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alan Pearce - Who's Side Are They On?

Gibson Square Books Ltd.

For Alan Pearce to say he wrote this book could be a case for trading standards. All this is, really, all this is, is a collection of Daily Mail-worthy sidebars about things that have happened to people. All one-off, all unusual in some way, and all collected with the blatant attempt to try to prove that Government and authority are against us rather than with us.

There's no doubt that in certain areas the police, the government, and so on do things to benefit themselves, but this book challenges none of them. Nothing in here indicates a trend in behaviour, any particular policies, or holds any other semblance of proof or integrity. One person, in one small local area, wronged by one police officer does not mean the entire force is crooked. Amusing little anecdote it may be, but the point of this book was meant to be to demonstrate the PC-fueled decline of the country, and it doesn't do that any better than the Daily Star does.

And if it weren't bad enough that none of the material here is at all indicative of the state of the nation, the "author" hasn't even bothered writing anything. Everything here has been lifted from other sources. Maybe re-edited a little, but all the same it's a collection of clippings, not a book.

No political, social or economic commentary, no analysis, not even any satire. Just a cut-and-paste job of dumbed-down, lowest-common-denomenator stuff at its most blatant... and one look at the Amazon product page for this book will demonstrate all the people it's fooled so far. At least the author and publisher can collectively claim their little con-job worked!

“ a collection of clippings, not a book ”

First Hardback Publication Date: November 3, 2009
First Paperback Publication Date: N/A
Publisher: Gibson Square Books Ltd.
Pages: 224
Language(s): English