Saturday, April 11, 2009


It has recently come to my attention that the term 'mixed race', for people born of parents from different ethnic backgrounds, is no longer correct. Dual Heritage is now the correct term. Leaving aside the fact that Dual Heritage is an incredibly pretentious-sounding term, this brings to light the subject of giving groups these titles to begin with.

By giving groups these titles you (the do-gooders intent on making an unnecessary fuss over this kind of thing) are placing white people in an upper echelon of society. You are saying other ethnic backgrounds require their own title to separate them from white people. You are segregating them in their own societies. The very thing you've been fighting all these years to prevent.

This stretches, as mentioned in a previous article, to the job market and even now into schools. The very idea of a race-specific hiring campaign, intended to bring minority ethnic groups onto a level playing field with white people, is broadcasting to the World, like the parent who sits in their child's class making sure everyone is aware that they are 'special', that these groups need to be handed an unfair advantage because they can't achieve that level by themselves. Because on their own merit they are not good enough. Surely the right thing to do is allow them the same opportunities as every else, do not advertise the fact that they are in any way different, because they aren't, to let them apply for jobs as part of the same group as everyone else, "people", I suggest, and instead focus your efforts on cases where there is blatant discrimination against them.

At least then you wouldn't be taking away their pride.