Saturday, November 08, 2008


It's been nearly two years between this and the last post here. I guess I could have waited until it was exact, but for some reason I'm in The Mood.

Things move on, things change, and we don't always want them to. Change is inevitable, but sometimes it's so sudden the act of changing can leave a more lasting impression than either the before or after state. Sometimes it takes so long to realise a change is necessary that the journey to get there starts to weigh heavily, making the ultimate change a moment of great relief. With any important change it can be hard to know what the right choice is until it has been made and any repercussions have made themselves known.

But, I did always say I never wanted to be one of those people on the internet who thinks their life is so important everyone needs to read about it, and I still don't. So that's quite enough of that. But it is all part of why I'm back in The Mood, so call it background. There are other reasons too.

Jeff Lindsay's magnificent 'Dexter' novels have re-ignited my desire to be a bit more creative/meaningful with my writing, and the recent Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross saga (ends justify the means if you ask me) and America voting Barack Obama in as President are both things which have seemed worthy of comment. Both might hold some form of creative reference at least.

And both relate to the subject of change. For the BBC it was a bold move suspending Ross. Sacking him would have been bolder, of course, and it might have been nice for a corporation who would so dearly love to be the most respected of its kind in the World to have shown that kind of strength, but it would have been a slight over-reaction to a situation that ultimately was the fault of whoever in the BBC (not necessarily Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas) listened to the proposed messages Ross and Brand planned to leave for Andrew Sachs and allowed them to go ahead with the prank. But, the whole situation has seen the resignation (only from Radio 2, not from anything else) of Brand, which can only be a good thing. The less Brand the better. Of course, the pair, who increasingly have little more than outrageous comments in their entertainment repertoire, made a grave error in judgment by targeting someone who is so well loved by the British public. If they'd chosen someone we don't particularly like, or at least someone we all quite enjoy seeing on the unfortunate end of things, this might not have happened. Georgina Bailie, let's not forget, is a burlesque dancer in the 'Satanic Sluts' dance troupe. I really don't think the British public cared about her being ridiculed. But we all love Manuel. And rightly so.

For America they have the first black President. Well, they don't really. They have the first mixed-race President. But that is a step in the right direction at least. Not that Barack Obama was elected because of his policies or plans for the country. Plans which can, no doubt, be read about in great detail in the library of books he had the audacity to write about himself BEFORE becoming President. I wonder if any voters read them. They can't rely on their media, apparently. Many Americans will say they'll trust our BBC before they will any of their own media. Although finding entertainment value in distressing people with prank calls puts the BBC closer to American media than it has ever been before. No, apparently the media are all politically motivated and can't be trusted.

One American certainly thinks so, and he's one for which I have a great deal of respect. Steven Duren, better known as Blackie Lawless. Just before the election took place last week Blackie issued a statement detailing why, although not being a supporter by any means, he was going to vote for John McCain. Although not one of his best tirades, and getting a little fanatical in places, it is a good read and highlights a few points about Obama, which I haven't looked into to verify, that are more than a little concerning. It can be read here: Read In Case of National Emergency (PDF format).

Until Axl Rose comments on things, which he probably won't, this is by far the most interesting point of view on the election I've read so far. Not that Axl will necessarily have a particularly noteworthy view of things, but whatever he says, it is normally interesting to read.

"You'll find out for yourself"