Thursday, November 02, 2006

Show No Mercy

Equal opportunities and discrimination policy has gone over board. And yes, I mean that how it initially sounds, that there is such a thing as a discrimination policy. Obviously everyone should be afforded the same opportunities and treatment regardless of such unimportant things as gender, age or race, but it's become apparent to me that being an idiot doesn't mean you're out of the running for jobs with decent organisations. Particularly if, as well as being an idiot, you happen to be of a Black or Ethnic Minority (yes, that is the politically correct term), female or Polish. As such, the policy seems to be "let 'em in anyway, we'll look like we're handling diversity". That's been going on everywhere for years. Now we're getting specific recruitment drives for particular ethnic backgrounds. Automatically discrimating against all the others, just because some study or other has shown that the percentage of employees from that particular group is lower than some others. What if that's the percentage of applicants that were actually capable of doing the job? So now we're going to recruit sub-standard employess just to fill a quota?

If that weren't bad enough, now they're talking about bringing in some sort of ethnic quotas for our schools, meaning there are going to be targets for schools who must enrole a certain percentage of pupils from a defined set of ethnic backgrounds. Even being dead doesn't rule you out, given the number of zombies that seem to be employed in London after leaving school.

Isn't all this just completely wrong? Why doesn't employment selection just come down to the best candidate, who is qualified and capable of doing the job and who can string a few sentences together without sending the listener into a coma. And for schools, it's the best and most academic pupils, if it's a school with selection criteria. The rest have to go to the schools that don't select the best pupils. Simple as that. If you're not good enough, you don't get in. Kids need to get used to this concept earlier than they do, otherwise adult life is going to come a tremendous shock to them, especially given the phenomenal lack of social skills and wider-World knowledge many of them seem to have as a direct result of little-to-no parenting.

Then there's the whole asylum-seekers/immigrants issue. We're considering a block on unskilled immigrants now, after we've been flooded with unskilled immigrants. Go England! Isn't that always the way we do things? Change the rules after something's happened instead of forseeing the problem and preventing it? This, of course, has the potentially-freeloading Romanians and Bulgarians up in arms. With their respective countries joining the EU next year they were rubbing their hands together at the prospect of leeching the English system in the same way that the Polish have done in the last couple of years. Apparently, we're not being fair. Because coming to our country, putting thousands of our skilled workers out of work by undercutting their salary and claiming free English lessons at our expense in the process is perfectly fair.

I stand by my long-held belief that we need sentry towers at all of our ports and we need to shoot illegal immigrants on site. That'd begin to solve the problem.

"They come to your country and think they'll do as they please"