Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Last Command

Ok you guys, let's keep the energy levels up, and not lose focus. We'll have a meeting tomorrow, informal, just to discuss having a brief wash-up on Friday, to share our thoughts on how this is going and suggest some development points for the future. I've been getting lots of positive feedback from everyone, and what I'm picking up is that something needs to move forward. In the mean time can we all please make sure we deliver all the points discussed to those that haven't seen all of this yet and make sure that handshake goes smoothly. Thanks.

What did I just say and what did it have to do with anything? Fuck all in both cases. This is what I've come to term "new-age" management. This pretty much consists of over-use of briefings, directionless meetings that cover nothing more than the obvious and constant references to the workforce as "you guys". It's a type of management that's all talk; lots of snappy phrases and buzz words, and very little action, and generally the people in these positions create an awful lot of the unnecessary work and meetings to give people the illusion that they're doing something pro-active.

It's almost like the politically correct form of management. You get a lot of "tying in with the point you just made..." before they say something either completely unrelated to the point you just made, or the complete opposite of the point you just made. But they made sure you were aware that they'd taken your views on board. If you get asked to design/come up with something, the chances are that, unbeknownst to you, the decisions have already actually been made and they're just making you feel like you've been part of the process. Of course when the end result is nothing like what you came up with, their cover is kind of blown, but it's too late by that point. It's covert management, is what it is.

"Old at heart but I musn't hesitate"